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Great video game poem

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Great video game poem

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I just ran across possibly the best video game poem I've ever seen:

Wakka Wakka Wakka
- by Dinog11
Running through the dot-filled mazes
You make that odd yet soothing sound.
In either normal or Pac-power phases
You make that sound and run around.
While chased by 8-bit ghosts
and eating bonus fruits,
You took our quarters, coast to coast.
Were you and Frogger in cahoots?
I respect you, Pac man.
You took our quarters and our dimes.
Your machines are gone
But you're still in our minds.

Found in the Globalization Issue of Interactive Age, a "twice-yearly" publication that's "for an international audience of executives and decision-makers looking at the business of interactive entertainment."

And, looking at the table of contents for this issue of Interactive Age, there are some fascinating articles. I'm going to have to read this feature on "Notes from the Global Job Market." This should have some great information for anyone working in games today.
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