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Picking Up and Working Hard

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Picking Up and Working Hard

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Been a while (again).

I am currently in Mod B at the Guildhall and I have an uphill climb ahead of me this week. I procrastinated last week, and I am way behind where I should be at the moment.

I think I have been relapsing into the ADHD with which I was diagnosed back when I was 8. I have been getting distracted too often and for too long. However, after a talk with my dad and some refocusing, I believe I am getting back on track. I have worked by butt off this weekend and am on the way towards catching up with my work. I still have a long way to go, though, and I'm looking at about 20 hours of work to do before Wednesday.

Right now I have three main projects going on.

The biggest one by far is our Team Game Project (TGP). We are creating a 2D game demo in Torque in small teams. I am the team lead for this project making a game we call T&H Delivery Service. We are doing well so far, though I have had some problems managing the team. We have some ongoing personality issues, but generally everyone on the team works hard and gets their stuff done.

We have hit some major snags, though. Our game will not port over to the Xbox 360 like it is supposed to due to some old placeholder art that breaks the 360 naming conventions. I am looking at either finding a way to remove this art without breaking Torque (no easy feat), or rebuilding the entire project. Rebuilding the project will not be as difficult or time consuming as it was to figure everything out the first time, but I still predict it to take close to 14 hours by the time it is all said and done. I also need to completely redesign my levels, as the current level has a ridiculously steep learning curve. I lost track of the game's difficulty because I have played the game so much while building and testing. I have already planned out the level redesign, though. I just need to implement the changes. Lots of work ahead on this one.

The next most important project is my Fallout 3 mod for Level Design II. We are currently building the "whitebox" for the mod. Basically we make a very basic rendition of what our level will be. No clutter, nothing special. Just the bare bones of the level layout and flow. We also have to build the our "quest" within the level using the Fallout 3 scripting language. For the whitebox, this is just the bare bones. Conversations have to be marginally functional, but not completely written yet, and the quest objectives have to advance in some way. The finished whitebox is due Tuesday and I've already built my playspace. I just need to add the basic talking characters and build the quest skeleton. This should take about 4-5 hours.

Finally I have a portrait due on Wednesday in my Art for Level Design class. The portrait, unfortunately, has fallen and will continue to fall by the wayside during my work crunch. Believe me, I would LOVE to finish working on and detailing out the portrait I've been working on, but it is the lowest priority item on my list. I have already gotten the eyes looking good, and I have detailed out parts of the nose and mouth, but to properly finish this portrait would take more time than I am willing or capable of giving. I will try to get the portrait looking decent enough, but it will not be the quality I nor the professor would want.

So, that is where I stand. I am picking up the pieces of my poor decisions and plowing ahead. I am confident that I can keep up my pace and complete my projects, but it will take a lot of determination and discipline on my part. I just hope that I can keep up the pace that I will be working at this week on into the following weeks. If I do, the quality of the work I turn in will be much higher and overall my stress level will go down. I just have to keep focused, but then again, that has always been the hard part for me.

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