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Since my last post, Barack Obama won the presidential election, the world finished another lap around the sun, I graduated from ACU with a degree in English, and I was accepted into a graduate-level game design program with the Guildhall at SMU. There are volumes I could write about any one of these subjects, but I'll save that for another time (maybe).

My most recent piece of news is that I was appointed lead for our first team game project. It's an exciting opportunity, and I'm looking forward to working with the two other people in my group. Already our discussions on what we want our game to be have been promising, and I'm thoroughly excited with the game concept we've come up with. We now have one week to create a concept document and present our idea to the class. As is the norm with the Guildhall, we've been given a task and told to complete it in about half the time the task should normally take...which means this'll be fun! ^^ (I'm not even joking. This pace is challenging and fun.)

Also on my list of stuff to do: write a 500-word paper on the significance of Metroid on the gaming industry (much harder than it sounds), program basic movement between rooms for a text adventure (also harder than it sounds), and create a 2 scene level in the Torque X Builder (so much harder than it sounds that it makes my brain bleed). The first two are due in two days, while the Torque level is due by the end of the term. I already have 350 words on the paper--I just need to finalize my sources and make sure my logic is clear-- and my framework is almost all set up for my text adventure.

So far this whole Guildhall experience has been a blast. I always knew I wanted to create videogames, and now I'm learning all the skills I'll need to do so. It's difficult, the hours are long, and the payoff will be immense. Not necessarily in the way of finances--I'll be looking at something like $30k-$60k/year for my first position from what I understand--but more in the way of getting to live the life I've wanted for nearly a decade. I've got a long road ahead of me, and that's gonna have to start with me getting off and finishing these assignments.

Until next time,
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